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Kirchoff, Bruce K. [1], Remington, David L. [1], Healey, Christopher [2].

DNA-Align, A New Cross-Platform Multiple Sequence Alignment Tool.

The DNA Alignment visualization tool DNA-Align is designed to help improve the alignment of multiple DNA sequences by providing a cross-platform tool that incorporates new ways of visualizing sequences. Initial alignments can be done with tools like ClustlW2 or Muscle. These intermediate alignments are then brought into DNA-Align for final adjustment. DNA-Align currently reads FASTA files and displays the sequences as either nucleotides or amino acids.
Additional information is supplied in each type of view. For example, measures of alignment (consistency) for each column of elements (nucleotides or amino acids), summaries of the nucleotides present in a column of amino acids, locations where identical amino acids are produced by different codons, and representations of an amino acid's polarity and acidity. Heat maps and global views of the alignment are also provided, as are overall scores for the quality of the alignment (GLOCSA - GLObal Criterion for Sequence Alignment - scores). Users can modify, delete, and rearrange the sequences to improve the various alignments, either manually, or with the assistance tools built into DNA-Align (eg., query gaps). Aligned sequences can be output as a FASTA file. Participants are encouraged to bring intermediately aligned FASTA files for use in the workshop.

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1 - University of North Carolina Greensboro, Department of Biology, Po Box 26170, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27402-6170, USA
2 - North Carolina State University, Computer Science Department, 2266 EB-II, 890 Oval Dr #8206, Raleigh, NC , 27695, USA

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Presentation Type: Workshop
Session: WS-13
Location: Magpie A/Cliff Lodge - Level B
Date: Sunday, July 26th, 2009
Time: 3:00 PM
Number: WS-13001
Abstract ID:44

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