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July 25 – 29, 2009


Workshop Proposal Submission Form

Conference Overview & Sectional Sponsorship (Deadline: February 15, 2009)

BOTANY & MYCOLOGY 2009 will be a joint meeting with the Mycological Society of America. It will be held at Snowbird, Utah, July 25 – 29, 2009. Societies participating in BOTANY 2009 will include: the American Bryological and Lichenological Society (ABLS), the American Fern Society (AFS), the American Society of Plant Taxonomists (ASPT), the Botanical Society of America (BSA) and the Mycological Society of America (MSA).

Submission of Workshop Proposals - Deadline: February 15, 2009

Members of all participating societies are encouraged to organize and present workshops at the annual meeting. We invite proposals for workshops along education or research themes. Join us on Sunday, July 26, 2009 to share a new techniques, strategies, and projects with your colleagues. Workshops are typically:

  • hands-on sessions
  • free to participants
  • two-hour, half-day or full-day length

Workshops are ticketed events but are free to registered attendees and generally have limited enrollments. Careful consideration must be given to logistical issues and to support facilities such as computers, laboratory requirements, and seating style.

Any questions about workshop proposals, please contact Johanne Stogran at

Proposals should include the following: 1) your name and email address, 2) title of the workshop, 3) name(s) and contact information for all organizers, 4) a brief summary of the workshop, 5) preferred day, time and lenght for workshop, 6) support and facilities required, 7) anticipated attendance, 8) sponsorship and 9) BSA support request.

Submit Workshop proposals online using “Electronic Workshop Proposal Submission Form.” Copies of the proposals will be sent electronically to the sender, the BSA Conference Director, and the BSA Program Director.

The deadline for receiving Workshop proposals is: February 15, 2009

Botany & Mycology 2009 Workshop Proposals Submission Form

1. Your Name
Your email Address

2. TITLE of workshop:

3. ORGANIZER(s) name, address, phone and FAX numbers, and e-mail

4. BRIEF SUMMARY/ABSTRACT of the workshop. Include background and significance:

5. PREFERRED DAY, TIME AND LENGHT OF WORKSHOP (Please note: Sunday, prior to, and Thursday, directly after the scientfic meetins are the days avaiable for workshops. If two days are required, Staturday is an option.):



8. SPONSORSHIP, please list the BSA Section(s) and/or Botany 2009 partner organizations from which sponsorship has been secured.

9. The BSA provides funding for all activities through the sectional structure.
We may consider further limited support in some instances. If funding is requested from the BSA, please specify the amount: >

Deadline for submission of proposals is: February 15, 2009

This request will be sent electronically by pressing the "Submit Proposal" button. Pressing this button sends your proposal via e-mail to the Society Program Directors and BSA Conference Manager noted below.

For additional information or questions, contact:

Johanne Stogran
Botanical Society of America
(740) 927-8501

For additional information or questions, please contact the appropriate program director:

Marc Cubeta, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695 - (919) 513-1227,

Karen Renzaglia, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 62901 - (618) 453-3229,

Michael Windham, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708 - (919) 660-7293,

Patrick Herendeen, Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL 60022 - (847) 835-6956,

David Spooner, USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Department of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706 - (608) 890-0309,

And/Or your sponsoring BSA Sectional Program Chair (

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